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General Education Fund

The General Education Fund gives the advisory committee the most flexibility in designating when and where financial support is most needed.

Endowment Fund

This is the gift that keeps on giving – year after year. The principal is untouched while the interest becomes available to provide for more long-range programs or to the supplement the General 542 Education Fund.

542 Club

Named for Battle Lake Independent School District #542, this is a special 5-year pledge program

1st year:    $142
2nd year: $100
3rd year:  $100
4th year:  $100
5th year:  $100
Total:         $542

Levels of the 542 Club

Freshman: First $542
Sophomore: Completed first $542 and renewing
Junior: Completed $1084 and renewing
Senior: Completed $1626 and renewing
Graduate: Completed 542 program and continues to give $54.20 a year

Battler Club

$54.20 a year

Sponsorship Levels

Ruby Level: $1,000 in one year
Sapphire Level: $2,500 in one year
Bronze Level: $5,000 in one year
Silver Level: $10,000 in one year
Gold Level: $25,000 in one year



Mrs. Schaller, 3rd Grade

Each day of third grade begins on our USA rug as we learn about our schedule for the day, practice character education and  learn about internet safety. Mrs. Schaller’s 3rd grade also uses their rug to match abbreviations to names of our 50 states. This is a game invented by the class that 1st used the rug, they are pictured on the rug. They also use this rug to help start learning locations of states for 4th grade. Also, every Friday when students are up to date on reading goals, they Read Across America by choosing a state to sit in, instead of desks, while reading their A.R. Books as a reward.


Mrs. Young, 3rd Grade

The kids enjoying morning meeting time on our new classroom rug.


Mr. Scholten, HS Math

Thanks so much for the grant to purchase new white boards. The pictures are students saying thank you as well as an example of how I use them to check understanding in my classroom.  
Thanks again!  These are really helpful for me to check student understanding.


Mrs. Wallevand,
4th Grade

With the grant money I purchased  a nice set of headphones and a mouse for each student. They are holding zipper bags that are numbered for each student to put their things in. I ordered 3 storage bins to store their zipper bags. Thank you so much for the grant money. My students love having nice headphones and a mouse to use when we are on our chrome books. 

Thanks so much for all the work you do to support BL school. 

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